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“Don’t be deceived when they tell you things are better now. Even if there’s no poverty to be seen because the poverty’s been hidden. Even if you ever got more wages and could afford to buy more of these new and useless goods which industries foist on you and even if it seems to you that you never had so much, that is only the slogan of those who still have much more than you. Don’t be taken in when they paternally pat you on the shoulder and say that there’s no inequality worth speaking of and no more reason to fight because if you believe them they will be completely in charge in their marble homes and granite banks from which they rob the people of the world under the pretence of bringing them culture. Watch out, for as soon as it pleases them they’ll send you out to protect their gold in wars whose weapons, rapidly developed by servile scientists, will become more and more deadly until they can with a flick of the finger tear a million of you to pieces.”

"What does man actually know about himself? Is he, indeed, ever able to perceive himself completely, as if laid out in a lighted display case? Does nature not conceal most things from him –even concerning his own body – in order to confine and lock him within a proud, deceptive, consciousness, aloof from the coils of the bowls, the rapid flow of the blood stream, and the intricate quivering of the fibres! She threw away the key. And woe to that fatal curiosity which might one day have the power to peer out and down through a crack in the chamber of consciousness and then suspect that man is sustained in the indifference of his ignorance by that which is pitiless, greedy, insatiable, and murderous – as if hanging in dreams on the back of a tiger. Where in the world could the drive of truth come from?"
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The Liberal/conservative Paradigm Was Deliberately Implemented Into American Society As A Method Of Controlling The People...
on 19 Aug 2011 15:55:29
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You're supposed to put the carrots in your mouth not up your butt. read more...
on 22 Apr 2016 16:15:47
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I find women who cake on makeup mostly have a low self esteem or do not like the way they look. I certainly do not find that...  read more...
on 20 Apr 2016 20:51:11
1. I find women who cake on makeup mostly have a low self esteem or do not like the way they look. I certainly do not find that appealing and I think a lot of women and men agree. But at the same time, makeup might give people confidence. read more...
  20 Apr 2016 20:51:11  
2. I think they are motivated by the need to be a part of something that is more significant than themselves. Sacrifice is a very real part of human nature and these young kids have nothing to give them this other than ISIS. Most members are ignorant of what Islam is and have never read or heard of the Quran. Very few people are predisposed to be so violent but very many people are predisposed to be fanatic. The solution is to use propaganda to make them fanatic about something else. I wouldn't see ISIS as anything more than a counterculture and they can be stopped. read more...
  19 Apr 2016 20:28:15  
3. Can people really be happy if they must face a society that is full of contempt for them? Most people need a sense of community, and the lone wolfs still needs to be not stabbed. read more...
  19 Apr 2016 02:35:59  
4. The heart. I have always said home is where the heart is, so I am home and so many others are too. read more...
  19 Apr 2016 02:32:39  
5. There is no reason to use the word utilize when use works just as well. I remember one of my professors told the class this and I had to reexamine my whole life. read more...
  19 Apr 2016 02:31:27  
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1. You're supposed to put the carrots in your mouth not up your butt. read more...
  22 Apr 2016 16:15:47  
2. I guess if you don't want to take this far enough, then you are right. But outside of personal relationships, being hated can be real danger and has been...  read more...
  20 Apr 2016 20:47:57  
3. Right. I think the goal of the overall organization doesn't necessarily coincide with the goals of the individual members. But I do agree with you read more...
  20 Apr 2016 20:43:20  
4. Realistic mathematics education? Makes sense.
  20 Apr 2016 20:41:23  
5. Because you claim that they are motivated by poisonous hate. I am not so sure if that is their motivation. It's hard to doubt it though after seeing what...  read more...
  20 Apr 2016 16:08:59  
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