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1. World Of Warcraft Is Evil
  09 Feb 2009 17:53:19  
2. You Could Live For Quite A While On Water
  09 Feb 2009 17:47:18  
3. Sam Sparrow Is A Christian
  08 Feb 2009 19:48:40  
4. There Should Be More Of A Selection On Kids Clothes
  27 Sep 2008 21:29:43  
5. England Is The Best Place For Music
  21 Sep 2008 20:21:36  
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1. Not true i love them both the same read more...
  09 Feb 2009 17:55:44  
2. The shops would probably make more money by putting clothes at cheaper prices more people will by them instead of putting them at high prices and fewer people by them read more...
  09 Feb 2009 17:44:03  
3. WHAT!!!!!!!! Anyone can where anything they like no matter what it is,what size they are or what it looks like read more...
  08 Feb 2009 19:55:17  
4. Of course he is it practically said it in his song an his biography read more...
  08 Feb 2009 19:49:49  
5. Do not
  27 Sep 2008 21:34:02  
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1. they should be allowed to but i don't recommend it read more...
  08 Feb 2009 19:58:46  
2. exactly...i am not perticaly tall and that doesn't necessarily mean it is the rong hight. some people don't like tall people read more...
  08 Feb 2009 19:52:47  
3. personally i prefer sports
  20 Sep 2008 20:59:21  
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