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1. Moreno Owes Me Seven Bucks
  09 Oct 2011 18:08:21  
2. I Do Not Personally Care That Steve Jobs Passed On
  08 Oct 2011 01:18:06  
3. Doctor Seuss Was One Of The Greatest Authors Ever.
  08 Oct 2011 01:12:35  
4. Have You Been On This Site For More Than Four Months?
  06 Oct 2011 14:44:16  
5. "We Were Promised Jetpacks" Is Perhaps The Best Name Of A Band Of Old Timers EVER
  25 Sep 2011 18:18:19  
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1. Most go well with worcestershire sauce.
  08 Jul 2014 01:33:44  
2. You can label a movie based on someone's dream as "based on a true story". They couldn't say that with any truth if there was no lead up showing that the kid was in a coma. read more...
  08 Jul 2014 01:32:38  
3. Classifying someone as having a mental illness based on their beliefs? Land of the free and all that. read more...
  08 Jul 2014 01:30:42  
4. It's a nice thought though.
  08 Jul 2014 01:29:55  
5. They don't HAVE to.
  08 Jul 2014 01:29:32  
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1. But one could say that it's based on the true story because it's the true story of his DREAM. While most all would take this as the idea that this means...  read more...
  17 Jul 2014 02:06:06  
2. *don't *rights, *I
  08 Jul 2014 01:36:14  
3. Who the hell has? This place is a ghost town. Proby and I come back every once and a while for kicks, but that's about it. read more...
  08 Jul 2014 01:35:01  
4. I did see one or two, I don't like these types of stories however, (be it heaven or hell). read more...
  08 Jul 2014 01:31:26  
5. Misogynistic masochists.
  09 May 2014 17:41:34  
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