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Trumps Biggest Gift To The Republican Party Is That, Now, Republicans Can Behave Like Democrats
on 16 Mar 2016 21:22:00
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What do you think of property rights? Do I own my body? Do I own my real estate? Do I own the money I earn? Do I own my child? Tell me how you process the notion of "what you own" and why that is...  read more...
on 11 Apr 2016 21:06:12
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It seems to me that there are two kind of rights. 1. The type of rights that are available to each and every person, such...  read more...
on 01 Sep 2016 22:37:56
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I would vote for it if you can convince me that a human being is not destroyed in the process. At this point, each embryo that is used for research is terminated--always. read more...
on 02 Apr 2008 22:42:54
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1. It seems to me that there are two kind of rights. 1. The type of rights that are available to each and every person, such as the right to vote, to speak freely, to have one's own view of things, to associate with whomever one wants, to travel where ever one wants to go, to be free from legal restraints that suppress one's ability to to work where one wants, or start a business where one wants. Also, the right to have self protection in one's home, to protest peacefully without fear of recrimination from the government. You see, these are rights that are just for all. They are rights that do not require the sacrifice of one fellow citizen to foot the bill, such as for medical care or food or education. Such things are benefits that some folks get AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER CITIZENS. Therefore, such things as economic takings for the benefit of others are not rights, they are something entirely different. Something more like stealing from some to give to others. Some folks just think they can simply substitute the word "rights" for words that are difined as stealing or taking from one's neighbor. read more...
  01 Sep 2016 22:37:56  
2. I agree, and therefore, no mention of Obama, Sharpton or Jackson are allowed read more...
  29 Jul 2016 22:43:58  
3. I agree
  29 Jul 2016 22:39:29  
4. There is a mind much more simply manipulated---the mind of a progressive (and I hesitate to place the word, "mind" and "progressive" in the same phrase) The evidences are the amazingly simplistic way that simple liars can persuade and manipulate the progressives. EXAMPLES: 1. Women have always been oppressed by white males. Certainly oppression has occurred, but to subscribe to and swallow the entire ideology as a Truth is simply btainwashing. 2. Capitalism and profits are immoral. Certainly there are greedy capitalists, but to subscribe to the entire ideology as Truth is simply brainwashing to,the simple minded. 3. Diversity and multiculturalism are good things. Certainly diversity and various cultural norms can be good things; but to subscribe to the entire ideology as Truth ( you know the rest). 4. The answer to pressing social problems I.e. Poverty, addictions, crime, violence, racism, homophobia, transgender phobia, etc etc, can and should be solved by more progressive social fixes. Of course, most of the progressive fixes from Johnson to our current version of leadership in the White House have largely contributrted if not caused so many of these crises. Subscribing to the ideology is truly sumptomatic of the feeble minded. 5. The list goes on and on. The simple lies repeated and repeated by progressive leaders, is bought hook line and sinker by the progressive zombies----men, women, black whites, Latinos, university professors and so on. 6. No one can live with such lies for very long; reality does not allow it ultimately. Therefore, such progressivism leads to necessary totalitarianism, to force people to live with such an unreality. read more...
  24 May 2016 16:21:11  
5. As should Bill Clinton
  24 May 2016 16:00:16  
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1. What do you think of property rights? Do I own my body? Do I own my real estate? Do I own the money I earn? Do I own my child? Tell me how you process...  read more...
  11 Apr 2016 21:06:12  
2. What is your evidence?
  11 Apr 2016 21:02:57  
3. Grenache, when you say: "Western societies with civil liberties and freedom of religion benefit from fair governments. Even if the Constitution doesn't...  read more...
  30 Jan 2016 20:22:02  
4. Just making the point what the Framers had in mind. I, personally, would reject any State Sanctioned Church, as well. However, to get to the place where...  read more...
  30 Jan 2016 20:19:46  
5. I generally have the same bias.
  30 Jan 2016 12:51:38  
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It's an Hypothetical question significantly asking about which animal you would be? The bird represents your mind ~ an owl in fact makes you a very wise old debater indeed!
by Tomcat on 09 Oct 2012 15:34:08
Could you let everyone on YickYak know that I am having difficulty logging into my account? I contacted the site administration about it, but I haven't heard back yet. Thanks.
by IWillTrump on 11 Dec 2011 16:38:01
Hi!I think you are a great debator!!
by miffy712 on 11 Sep 2011 00:45:45
Charlee, I have always liked your debates and conversation. I am leaving this site for good, but wanted to invite you to some sites where we might chat again in debate: Stay cool! :)
by debategal on 18 Jun 2011 07:01:53
Hey Charlee, it's me, i hope you're well. I'm still over at DDO, and actually we're looking at doing some intersite debates. Do you think anyone here would want to debate us at and represent for and against?
by innomen on 14 Jun 2011 14:11:20
I like your debates.
by debategal on 09 Jun 2011 16:32:20
I responded to you on Balls thread on my Evil debate. Hope it helps explain a few things.
by justsumguy on 09 Mar 2011 15:23:34
your debate.... "abroad - no pun intended", lol :-D show us your humorous side more often, Charlee. it is becoming on you :-) post more debates with humor.
by debategal on 16 Feb 2011 15:30:23
it's about morality, but not origins. I found it interesting. You might too. Try this version. ty.html
by Ballsalsa on 29 Jan 2011 17:48:28
what's your take on this charlee? I thought you might find it interesting. 330.html
by Ballsalsa on 23 Jan 2011 15:09:18
Try out It has a lot more features than FAA. It just needs users.
by kddan on 10 Jan 2011 00:27:31
You always seem to ask how can their be morality without religion. I came across this video today, and I think this might interest you. If you watch it all the way through, I beleive you will find that it was worth it. ow_what_s_right.html?awesm=on.ted.com_8DEm
by verum on 21 Sep 2010 18:55:56
I enjoyed that debate today. You seem to have your own position on subjects and don't just fit whatever mold I would have placed you in. And I'm sure there's something we agree on.
by Nihilist on 09 Sep 2010 01:17:06
I love the way you can debate both sides of an issue -- that homophobics should be pitied b/c of their fear, whereas homosexual behavior is associated with negative outcomes. I'm not being sarcastic -- I enjoy plunging into either side of a debate.
by Lynn on 08 Sep 2010 16:08:17
Look in my shoutbox charlee i need you to make some comments for me...
by LordDaniel on 18 Aug 2010 15:24:28
How about a bit of a profile? You aren't Richard Dawkins or Stephen Hawkins in disguise?
by Lynn on 16 Aug 2010 17:16:11
Thank you Charlee. I too enjoy debating with you. You have helped me grow and develop my beliefs and I hope you continue to do so.
by verum on 10 Aug 2010 22:46:38
Hey man, thanks for the thumbs up on my debates, your comments melts mine away to be honest, you are very wise ;p
by Monster on 24 Jul 2010 13:17:07
Hey Charlee! How are you? I've been over at Check it out if you're looking around.
by innomen on 20 May 2010 20:46:20
Your responses are very interesting and I enjoy reading them. Thanks for being to unique!
by Maggie1 on 29 Jul 2009 22:36:36
You can shout at him/her, if you log in/register.
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