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The BMA Want A Ban On Smoking In Your Own Car
on 16 Nov 2011 05:45:53
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Indeed =)
on 05 Feb 2013 09:26:16
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My mother's ex partner is a trucker and he suffers terrible road rage. He once got out of his truck and threatened to kick...  read more...
on 05 Feb 2013 09:51:15
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I agree. 18 is the age you are legally an adult, so how can other adults say you are still to young to do this and that? I think even driving and marriage so have the age restriction at 18. read more...
on 06 Nov 2008 11:43:38
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1. The BMA Want A Ban On Smoking In Your Own Car
  16 Nov 2011 05:45:53  
2. Eating With Your Mouth Open Is The Most Annoying Habit A Person Can Have.
  18 Apr 2011 02:48:04  
3. Ayaan Hirsi Ali Is An Inspirational Woman
  07 Apr 2011 03:12:37  
4. Masturbation Is Good For The Sex Drive
  11 Mar 2011 15:47:11  
5. Ancient History Is More Interesting Than Modern History
  04 Jun 2010 16:53:43  
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1. My mother's ex partner is a trucker and he suffers terrible road rage. He once got out of his truck and threatened to kick some old man's arse for being slow. A lot of his colleagues react similarly and I certainly don't respect them for it ._.; read more...
  05 Feb 2013 09:51:15  
2. That's not true, William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli are popularly remembered, mostly for their witty banter towards one another =) read more...
  05 Feb 2013 09:18:04  
3. I think it is up to the benefit awardee what they spend their money on. If they're irresponsible enough to blow it, then so be it, they can live in poverty. That, to me, is self punishment. But to award vouchers rather than money is to alienate everyone on benefits, and that isn't fair to those who do pay for essentials and try to make a better life for themselves. And why shouldn't they be allowed a drink once a week if they have being smart with their money? And a car is not an essential, according to our government, yet it is the law to insure your vehicle. A lot of people need a car to get to work, and though it is not an 'essential', they still need a way to pay for insurance and petrol, as well as MOTs and servicing. read more...
  05 Feb 2013 09:11:39  
4. I don't think it's fair to ban pitbulls. A lot of dogs are 'known' to be aggressive, but I think the matter of the fact is, if the owner is half decent, they should be able to train the aggression or any other unsavoury traits out of them. Same as any dog. All it takes is time and discipline, just like kids =) read more...
  05 Feb 2013 09:02:56  
5. Torturing terrorists wouldn't work as well as we'd imagine. Baring in mind we are talking of fanatics who are willing to commit suicide for their cause, to them, they are fighting a Holy War, do you really think torture gets any real information? The likelihood seems rather remote to me. So to torture for information, false or true, is a questionable way to gain intel.  read more...
  05 Feb 2013 08:57:33  
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1. Indeed =)
  05 Feb 2013 09:26:16  
2. Sorry - little late for that now I've already posted on this side =( read more...
  22 Nov 2011 05:25:55  
3. Oh that is just my personal opinion - sounds and smells get to me more than sight, though you're probably right for a lot of people. The sight would be...  read more...
  13 Jul 2011 08:02:04  
4. Well you do have a good point. I mean if I were to move to another country, I would probably be wanting to move to the one closest in culture, especially...  read more...
  23 Apr 2011 03:22:03  
5. But if you vote on the ideology the party is based on, you're less likely to be disappointed by the individual and you're voting for a general belief you...  read more...
  10 Apr 2011 04:39:36  
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