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my name is Josie, I live in Scotland and I have four pets; a border collie called Ben, a tabbby cat called Tigger (shes a she)
Josie_ummm's Interests:
Looking after animals
Creative writing
Playing guitar and piano
Rock climbing
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The Bible May Be The Best Selling Book In The World, But It Is Not The Most Read, The Most Enjoyed, And The Most Loved.
on 19 Oct 2010 11:12:37
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exactly
on 23 Jun 2011 13:27:48
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You don't need statisitcs. Its obvious. A gun kills somone. That is a crime. A gun can be used as a threat so that you can...  read more...
on 23 Jun 2011 13:22:10
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I'm for it, yum yum yum yum yum yum yum! =] read more...
on 12 May 2009 17:10:57
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1. You don't need statisitcs. Its obvious. A gun kills somone. That is a crime. A gun can be used as a threat so that you can rob someone or something. Another crime. A way of stopping gun related crimes? Get rid of guns. I mean, yes, in the UK we have more knife crime than in America, but you can do more damage with guns than with knifes (people are more scared of guns are they can shoot from range so you could threaten people more and guns can kill many people quickly while knifes have to run around people and stab them many times) read more...
  23 Jun 2011 13:22:10  
2. I am a teenager . You're = you are your = It is something that belongs to you. To = most commonly used as that start of a inifintive verb, i.e you say 'to wash, to clean, to go' it also is when you say i went to the shops etc. Too = used when saying you have too much of something two = the number 2 read more...
  23 Jun 2011 13:18:20  
3. Defently! All you have to do is type a comment on YouTube and then its like POW verbal abuse read more...
  26 Jan 2011 14:26:27  
4. Yes, you could put an age restriction on it, but it doesn't stop people lying about their age. And if there is an inappropiate video it can reported and delteted or have an age certificate on it. Also, you are just trying to keep children from not seeing the bad things about life right? The disturbing, and adult life. Well they have school, well rough kids tell them stuff, they have Sex Education. Infact many 12 years old, and younger, now everything, they know swears, they know what porn is, and they aren't afraid of horror, which is mostly the stuff on youtube. In fact, there is no porn on youtube. Then they have day to day life. If they simply go on a bus they are exposesd to tons of stuff. You can't ban kids from YouTube to protect their innocent little minds. You have to protect them from life. The point of being a kid is learning, and that includes learning about the real world and getting over it. read more...
  19 Oct 2010 11:25:35  
5. Wow, this is a bit of a random thing....jesus, only one thing on iLoveSyls mind lol read more...
  19 Oct 2010 10:58:03  
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1. exactly
  23 Jun 2011 13:27:48  
2. That MacDonalds Should be Banned. ... I am agaisnt it, but they are taking over the wrold, there is no denying it. If you've seen the first agaisnt commment...  read more...
  19 Oct 2010 11:49:45  
3. I suppose, but do they have to be quite so painful and disgusting read more...
  19 Oct 2010 11:48:36  
4. ooh yeah, of course. Maybe, if God exists and he wants everyone to be pro-life, he could get rid of periods? hehehe hint hint read more...
  19 Oct 2010 11:43:00  
5. I remember being given a little red one in my first week of secondary school, being given one sometime during primary school, but yes, when we left primary...  read more...
  19 Oct 2010 11:41:47  
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I see you are interested in creative writing. Is that something you are going to school for? Until recently when I changed my majors, I use to go to school for it.
by verum on 23 Jun 2011 14:30:46
Hi Josie...sorry it has been so long since I've written to you. I had been pretty busy for a while. How have you been doing? I commented on your debate response on the "female better than male" type of debate. After I did so, I wondered if you had a reason to feel that way? Is everything ok with you?
by my2cents2u on 26 Mar 2010 23:26:29
Hello. Pride & Prejudiced Mr. Darcy?
by gottfried on 22 Mar 2010 15:02:23
Thanks for the shout. It looks like you've hit the ground running here at the site. You are very well spoken for your age. I hope you enjoy it here.
by finsch on 21 Mar 2010 16:15:39
Thanks Josie, but the point system on here really means nothing. It reflects how long you've been around more than how good of a debater you are.
by Grenache on 21 Mar 2010 14:24:55
by caityjaney on 27 Oct 2009 14:09:45
Congratulations on your debate at school. Do you have any fun plans for your summer vacation? I'm taking my daughters to a water park today. My mom and sister are meeting us there later and there is an indoor part to it that is a part of the hotel we will be staying in tonight. It looks like it will be a lot of fun and the weather is actually nice today. It has been raining and icky for days. Have a great day....Hallie
by my2cents2u on 25 Jun 2009 17:21:59
Hi Josie...I haven't heard from you. How did your debate in school go? I hope you are having a nice weekend. I'm taking my daughters shopping in a little while. We're going to a mall up here that is about 45 minutes from the house. There aren't too many things that are close to the town that we are in. Most of the stores and stuff in this town close very early and they are really only grocery, pharmacy and convenience stores...pretty boring unless we drive a bit further like we are today.
by my2cents2u on 20 Jun 2009 18:50:13
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