Tips & Hints on safety at For and Against
For and Against is a great place to express yourself. It provides an opportunity for users to debate and share knowledge on all sorts of topics. But please remember that anyone in the world can read your posts so be careful. Do not put anything onto For and Against that might endanger or humiliate yourself or anyone else.
People aren't always who they say they are on the Internet
It's amazing to be able to debate with people from all over the world on a huge range of issues via the Internet but because the meeting isn't face to face we can never be sure of a person's identity.
Always remember that some people tell lies on the Internet. Don't give any personal details to anyone.
Always report anyone conducting illegal or suspicious activities via the contact page. For and Against has a zero tolerance child protection policy and will delete accounts of those people who attempt to contact under-18s by any means.Please report to For and Against if you think something isn't right.
For and Against is Public!
Please remember that EVERYTHING you publish on For and Against is always available for the world to see. For this reason you must never post your personal details (or anyone else's) on the site. Think very carefully before posting anything about yourself or someone else. Humiliating yourself or others (friends, teachers, colleagues, employers or even celebrities) is not a good idea. Insulting someone on the Internet can still have ramifications in the real world. Also remember that sometimes people use the Internet to make money illegally. Be aware that people might purport to be from For and Against or other companies trying to obtain your personal information for their financial gain. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Contact For and Against if you are worried about illegal activities.
For and Against is Tolerant
At For and Against we are very tolerant of peoples' opinions but we are also very mindful that we do not want contributors' entries to cause offence to anyone. For this reason we take harassment of our members and/or staff very seriously. Hate messages, intimidation or harassment will not be tolerated. If you feel that someone is behaving inappropriately please contact us immediately.