Points and Levels
Welcome to the For and Against points and levels page. On For and Against you gain points for everything you do! The number of points you get depends on the specific tasks you complete. The points table below summarises the point values for the different tasks. These points allow everyone to recognise how active and helpful you've been. As you gain more points you will soon move up the ranks!
Summary of Points
For and Against Activity Points
Start a Debate 10
Response a Debate 10
Have your debate disapproved -10
Have your response disapproved -10
Summary of Levels
Icon Level Points
Uber Debater 15,000+
Vip Debater 10,000 - 14,999
Genius Debater 6,000 - 9,999
Executive Debater 3,000 - 5,999
Recognised Debater 1,000 - 2,999
Novice Debater 600 - 999
Fresh Debater 300 - 599
Baby Debater 0 - 299
Star of the Day and The Buzz
The calculation of Star of the Day and The Buzz are based on the following factors:
1. The number of answers.
2. The rating score each answer got.
3. The number of debate responses.
4. The number of ratings you give to other users.
(*To prevent misuse and encourage users who only rate to contribute in other ways, we are setting a daily limit on the points you can acquire via rating. each user will now be able to receive a maximum of 50 points per day)
The points summed from the above five factors will decide who is the Star of the Day or the order of name appearing on The Buzz list.
  Please note:
- The time period is set as GMT 00:00-23:59, so the Star of the Day that you see on the homepage is the user who earned the most points yesterday.
- The Buzz displays the point totals for the 10 most active users in the last 24 hours.