What is For and Against?
ForandAgainst.com is an exciting online community which allows its users to express their views on topics and meet new friends.
It provides an opportunity for users to debate and share knowledge on all sorts of issues.
If you like a debate, this is a right place for you!
You earn points every time contribute to a debate, so don't forget to visit regularly.
How to use For and Against
A debate starts with a statement or premise. Users can then state their arguments either For or Against this statement.
For and Against Etiquette
A debate is different from an argument. Users should try to respect other users opinions, even if you disagree with it.
Points and Levels
You gain 10 points for creating a debate topic or participating in a debate. The user who gains the most points will be declared Star of the Day.
Safety Tips
Always remember that some people tell lies on the Internet. Don't give any personal details to anyone.