How to use For and Against
How to start a debate?
To start a debate, please go to Start a For and Against Debate page and follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Select a category.
2. Write your debate as a statement in 40 words or less, please remember a good debate always starts with a clear statement or premise.
3. Add an explanation to your debate, to help others have a better understanding of what the debate is about. You can also use this to clarify which side users should post their responses.
4. Finally, please click the 'START YOUR OWN DEBATE" button.
How to join a debate?
Choose a debate you would like to contribute too, if you agree with the statement cast your vote on the 'For' side, if you disagree with it post on the the 'Against' side.
You only have one vote within each debate. You can edit your debate response if you wish, to correct a mistake or clarify one of your points.
Please remember you should try to use your post to justify your point of view and convince others of your stance.
How to comment on a debate?
You can add comments to debate responses. The comments function is to provide feedback or to advocate a particular opinion.
At all times whilst using for and against please remember to respect other peoples views and opinions.
Try to keep your responses and comments about the issue at hand, never resort to abuse or personal attacks on other users.