For and Against Good Etiquette
Welcome to For and Against, our interactive online debating community. Here at For and Against we have a certain net-iquette when it comes to keeping For and Against a friendly environment for all our members and visitors. Debaters need to understand that good etiquette makes the site a pleasant and safe place to spend your time online.
Use of Language
Please do not swear in your posts. You might feel that you need to use a word that could be deemed offensive by For and Against, but people around the world are sensitive to different uses of language. Our main objective in this matter is to maintain a friendly, non- offensive and non-threatening community.
We would appreciate it if you did not use 'text' language or shortcut 'text speak'. For example: U r gr8 t. We would like you to use proper English please.
Offensive or Inappropriate Debates
We are all here to debate various topics and share knowledge at For and Against; however there are some types of debate topics and responses that we just won't accept. Don't start a debate that could be considered illegal or have illegal consequences, or containing personal attack. For example, Alex is a jerk, do you agree?
Debate format is also important. Debate is not a quesiton, which should start with a statement or premise. Topics like 'Does Alex love me?' is not acceptable. Also format like "Plasma vs LCD" is not a debate. It's a question that calls for opinions. If it were put as "Plasma is better than LCD", that woukd be something to debate. The pros would give reasons why plasma is better. The cons would argue the reasons why it is not. A debate consists of a statement. Responses either defend the statement or deny it using reasons or data to support one's stance.
Don't try to obtain other Debater's personal details in a debate. Debates that contain discriminatory or offensive comments about someone's nationality, religion, ethics, gender, intelligence, etc, will not be tolerated at For and Against. If you have very strong opinions that you wish to express you might need to tone the language down a little so as not to offend other users. We appreciate that you might have strong convictions but do not hurt other debaters with your opinion, e.g. 'you have cancer because you have sinned'. Remember that For and Against is a family friendly international community with thousands of members varying in age, ethnic groups, backgrounds and gender. Your perspective on a subject might be based on a stereotype that could be hurtful to one of our debaters even if you don't mean it personally. So please, always think carefully before you type!
Code of Conduct
We at For and Against wish to create a friendly and safe environment for all our users, this code of conduct has been created with this in mind. While we welcome diverse opinions, your contributions to the site must comply with the following rule of conduct:
Users must not under any circumstance post any response or comments that may be deemed: abusive, hateful, racist, bigoted, sexist, harassing, threatening, inflammatory, defamatory, knowingly false, vulgar, obscene, pornographic or is in any way in violation of applicable laws, rules or regulations.
Violation of these rules will result in the removal of a users posting, revocation of registration and the banning of the registrants email address